Sacred Symbols Jewelry

Sacred Symbols is a Mexican body jewellery brand dedicated to creating exquisite designs for body piercing with a traditional approach to high-fashion jewellery. Charly Pastrana owner and designer draws his  inspiration with nature and the art and customs of Maya indigenous cultures. Pieces are handmade from lost wax cast and hand-forged silver, yellow gold and rose gold as well as copper and brass, and meticulously hand-carved organic materials.
I was asked to created Sacred Symbols image. After a thorough research, I could combine my work with Mayan mythology designing an icon with a severed S emulating a serpent. In ancient Maya mythology serpents as being the vehicles by which celestial bodies, such as the sun and stars, cross the heavens. The elements are sophisticated and minimal editorial design touch giving a great balance with ancient and contemporary concepts. In addition,  the colour palette meticulously chosen to strengthen the concept. Gold for the ancient and Concrete Grey for the contemporary.