Feral Queen

Feral Queen

Queen of the Ashes

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Like the feral look of bonejewelry and vultureculture, but also want to make sure that no animal cruelty took place in the production of your adornment?

Us too! As we dont live on the countryside and thus collecting roadkill was not an option, we wanted to avoid to support animals to be killed for our love of jawbones and skulls through sellers who maybe only claim to source ethical as well as we didnt want to get the jawbones carved out of cows or pigs forthe "natural look". Thus we had an associate of ours print those bad boys out of PLA, a biodegradable plastic based on corn and other plantmaterial!

They were filed down and polished by hand.

You can chose to have no hangers adjusted to the chain, normal coils and saddlehooks or our Ties that bind (see picture)


Height: 140 mm

Width:  52 mm

Material: PLA

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