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Dear Customers,

as you may have already heard from the News, Tattoo and Piercingstudios are opening again from the 09th of March on, according to the Pressconference of the land berlin. This means you can book appointments with us again, through the onlinesystem.

I know the last half year was hard and I hope you kept up your strength well. Even though I used the time to recharge my batteries, working on projects I didn’t have time since long and pursued other hobbies, there was always the sting of missing piercing, as it is after all my big love. I really missed working on my customers and am now very much looking forward to do my job once again!

With the new opening there are also a few stricter rules we have to follow now, which I will mention shortly:

  • For every service under the mask, be it piercing, jewelry change or just a check up we do officially need you to have a documented negative covid test from the same day. This has to be a fast test done either at an official testing station or from the doctor. If you anyhow get regularly tested at your job, then book your piercingappointment accordingly to the testdate.

In any other case plan ahead, so you also have time to make the testappointment – if we have to change the piercingdate we would need 24 hours ahead as we cant refund your deposit otherwise


  • We are still only working on appointment and don’t take any walk ins, even when its only about shopping jewelry (which anyhow is the new rule for shopping in berlin)


  • Please send me a text or a Instagram message when you are arriving at the shop ; I will be in the backroom between customers to avoid contact with the tattoocustomers
  • Please wait in front of the studiodoor, not in the entrance area; I will only bring you in the later when we pick jewelry. You will fill out your consentform in front of the shop, while I am sterilizing your jewelry. For the procedure I will bring you to the piercingroom through the backdoor.


  • Please come alone to the studio, as your friends would need to wait outside anyhow. Only exception: If you are under age your parents have to come with to fill out the consentform. Still, if they also want to look at jewelry each of you has to enter separately.


  • Please wear a medical mask, ffp2 mask or KN95 mask. Clothmasks are not accepted at the appointment.


  • Last but not least: If you experienced flu symptoms in the past 14 days please email me to postpone your appointment.


I know it sucks that we have to be a bit more strict than we used to, but isn’t that a fine small price to pay to get finally pierced again?


I am looking forward to see you in the studio again!



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